Concentration areas for IPraxus Legal include some of the following types of Projects.

IPraxus Legal helps businesses around the world – both established MNCs and Start-ups in the biopharma industry with intellectual property strategy, procurement and coordination with their regulatory approval pathway and clinical programs.

As a firm, IPraxus Legal is highly supportive of innovation. The firm represents clients ranging from solo inventors to multinational corporations in all phases of securing a patent, from filing strategy, to search, application, and appeal, if necessary.

IPraxus Legal recognizes the enormous potential in technology incubation and future-focused projects, and will enthusiastically work with Universities, Start-ups, and individual inventors; so that new technologies are appropriately covered in patent applications as they undertake development and commercialization.

The Firm represents both licensors and licensees in licensing, joint development, commercial and R&D collaborations and other IP related contracts where rights under patents, know-how, trademarks or copyrights are involved.

The Firm offers intellectual property counsel in corporate mergers and acquisitions or divestitures, with services that include the performance of the requisite due diligence, and negotiating and drafting purchase/sale documents, associated licenses, assignments and other documents to record changes of ownership.

While working with IPraxus Legal, Clients can have confidence that their global interests will be pursued in a consistent and coordinated manner. The firm has great relationships with law firms throughout the world and, as needed, utilizes their services to assist Clients in various legal matters.

The Firm is engaged in U.S. patent practice and can provide services including patentability searches and opinions, the preparation, filing, prosecution of patent applications, patent grant and maintenance, as well as various proceedings before the USPTO. The Firm also interfaces with ex-US attorneys to implement global patent strategy, conduct prosecution and advise in court and agency proceedings across the globe.

Many companies, large and small, find that their technical evolution leads to new areas yet they carry a portfolio of patents and patent applications that support products and programs that are no longer core to the current business direction. IPraxus Legal can help companies identify their core / non-core IP and develop a plan to sell, license, donate or abandon non-core IP while focusing on enhancing their core IP portfolio.

At IPraxus Legal the clients are advised on a wide range of tax, corporate and other matters critical to their success. Along with assistance on the creation or operation of nonprofit and tax-exempt clients by providing advice on corporate structure, transfer pricing, governance, fiduciary duties and conflicts of interest.


At IPraxus Legal, integrity is foremost. We only represent Clients who also uphold integrity.

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IPraxus Legal is absolutely committed to operating with the highest ethical legal standards.

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Social Responsibility

At IPraxus Legal, we take pride in voluntarily giving back to the society by assuming our social responsibilities.

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