IPraxus Legal is a United States - based law firm that concentrates on serving companies, entrepreneurs, and academia. The firm’s practice can be applied to a variety of industries, for example:

Industries Covered

Agriculture is an essential component in the functioning of the modern world that is necessary to sustain and enhance human life. Innovation and new developments are critical in agriculture whether the particular form of agriculture is modern agriculture utilizing plant and seed modifications, chemical fertilizers and pesticides, organic agriculture utilizing natural fertilizers, or system-based agriculture such as hydroponics.

IPraxus Legal offers legal services to the agricultural industry by protecting innovation, improvements to process technology, developing enforceable patent portfolios, and entering into partnering, licensing, sale and distribution agreements.

Start-ups, Spin-outs and Entrepreneurs in Biotech and Pharma often face a range of challenges in formation of the enterprise, securing intellectual property, assessing opportunities & potential areas of restriction, establishing partnerships and, strategic planning, among other challenges. Global pharmaceutical companies also face challenges such as - securing exclusivity for their innovations, effectively handling patent disputes & challenges, regulatory planning & government interaction, and partnering for development, commercialization, supply & distribution, among other challenges. IPraxus Legal offers legal services to the Biotech and Pharma industry by providing end-to-end services when required, task specific services, or management and coordination of external counsel.

Bio-based raw materials, structural polymers and nanomaterials are just a few of the areas where great innovations are made using Chemistry. Universities are often at the forefront of chemical innovations with the backing and partnership of industry. Through collaboration, research hubs and industry can work together on shared goals to create better products and a more sustainable world. IPraxus Legal offers legal services to academia, research hubs and industry to protect innovations, establish productive partnerships, determine competitive landscapes; helping them bring their solutions to the marketplace.

Manufacturing companies across many sectors rely on competitive advantage to remain successful. Often the implementation of technological advances can make the difference between profit and loss, particularly in businesses where profit margins are not too high. Protection and enforcement of Intellectual Property can be critical in the manufacturing sector. Also, effective technology transfer, licensing arrangements, joint ventures, and mergers, acquisitions and divestitures are common activities in the manufacturing industry. IPraxus Legal offers legal services to the manufacturing industry in the areas of intellectual property procurement, transactions and management and coordination of external counsel.

Companies in the Personal Care industry are constantly improving products by focusing on the needs of the consumers. Whether the product is directed towards skin care, hair care, and baby products or otherwise, innovation is core to the industry. Many Personal Care products are based on the use of special ingredients and certain formulations to achieve the desired characteristics. Relationships with raw material suppliers and academia are important components of many companies in the personal care industry. IPraxus Legal offers legal services to the personal care industry by developing patent portfolios, assessing patent landscapes for opportunities, potential restrictions, and entering into agreements with partners, suppliers & research hubs.


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At IPraxus Legal, we take pride in voluntarily giving back to the society by assuming our social responsibilities.

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