The Firm

The Firm IPraxus Legal, LLC, was founded by Warren K. Volles, Esq., with an objective of providing businesses with alternatives for handling their Intellectual Property needs. For over 25 years, Warren K. Volles, Esq. has provided legal advice on Intellectual Property matters to some of the world’s foremost Multinational Companies both as corporate counsel and in private practice.

Apart from his registered practice before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), Mr. Volles is admitted to practice law in the States of Connecticut, New York and Rhode Island. Mr. Volles has drafted and prosecuted hundreds of patent applications and has taken cases through appeal in the U.S., Europe, Japan, China, India and other jurisdictions. Moreover, he shares great camaraderie with highly competent law firms across the world to ensure his Clients have the right person for the job regardless of the issue at hand-patent procurement, oppositions, defense, infringement and agency interaction.

Transactions involving intellectual property-acquisitions, divestitures, licensing and collaborations – as well as regulatory strategy and interaction with government agencies are within Mr. Volles’ expertise. Mr. Volles is experienced at managing large patent portfolios, attorneys, staff and systems within an organization, and the strategic development of IP estates, through discovery, development and commercialization of products.


B.S. degree, Chemical Engineering and Material Science,

University of Connecticut

J.D. degree,

Pace University School of Law

Core Operating Principals


‘Collaboration’ is a founding principal at IPraxus Legal. The cornerstone of the firm’s business philosophy is Collaborative Engagement – in a way that creates maximum value. To be equipped to function in your stead, the firm is committed to understanding each Client’s technology, business, challenges and competitive environment, in its entirety. IPraxus Legal operates in a manner consistent with, and familiar to the in-house law departments. The firm is prepared to ethically and aggressively pursue all legal and tactical options to advance your matter to the conclusion, in sync with your desire.



In approaching the Clients’ issues and objectives, IPraxus Legal strives to develop creative and effective strategies & tactics to bring in fresh, original ways of achieving the desired outcomes. Whether it is closing a transaction, obtaining a key patent, resolving a dispute - results matter the most - therefore, at IPraxus Legal, innovation is the starting point.



The firm takes a comprehensive-responsive approach towards all the matters it undertakes. IPraxus Legal is dedicated to helping its Clients find the right solution in the most efficient way. The firm also appreciates that some matters deserve more attention than others and will accordingly tailor the extent of engagement, based on the needs & expectations of the Client from fully comprehensive ‘no stone unturned’ to the one that focuses only on critical elements ‘an appropriate sustainable effort’.


IPraxus Legal concentrates matters faced by science and technology based companies and can help Clients navigate through complex situations.

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The firm can apply its core competencies to a wide range of industries in various capacities.

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The firm endeavors to provide services to a wide client base, Start-ups, Spin-outs, MNCs and Universities, in a variety of industries.

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