Business Compatibility

The infrastructure at IPraxus Legal ensures seamless compatibility with the systems of the most sophisticated Global Fortune 500 companies as well as Universities, Start-ups and other Small Businesses. It is replete with State-of-the-art Electronic Communications Capability, Secure U.S.-Based Cloud File Storage, Document Transfer and Back-up, 24x7 IT Monitoring, IP Management and Docketing, and flexible Billing Systems.

IT security is a fundamental component of the firm’s operating model and is designed to be at par with the IT security systems of its most sophisticated Clients.


IPraxus Legal concentrates matters faced by science and technology based companies and can help Clients navigate through complex situations.

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The firm can apply its core competencies to a wide range of industries in various capacities.

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Our client base across the world is varied and spread out: MNCs, SMEs or Start-ups - all rely on our expertise.

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